Japan is at the forefront of robotics technology. And as Suidobashi Heavy Industries have always said, giant robots are part of the Japanese spirit. And now, it seems that Japan has stepped in further ahead in robotics technology. This is because they now have an actual Transformer. Yes folks, an actual robot which can transform into a car.

Japanese tech and communications giant, SOFTBANK, helped in developing this transformer. In its car form, it’s just as big as any normal car out there. However, it stands at approximately 3.7 metres as soon as it transforms. As a car, it can travel at about 60Kph, but when it’s in robot mode, it can go at about 100 metres per hour. Yes folks, we may be able to make a transformer, but we ain’t that advanced yet.

And much like the Kuratas, people can actually pilot this giant robot. In fact, it needs a pilot to control it in order to transform and move. It seems that it’s unlike actual Transformers which can actually think for themselves, huh?

It actually took three years to develop this transformer, and they want to develop it further. And it looks like their next goal is to make something that flies. But if you want to buy one, sorry folks, these transformers aren’t for sale.

Watch the video below,

Source: TBS News