When it comes to Kaijuu, the King of Monsters himself is the most iconic and terrifying of all. Considered a symbolism for nuclear weapons, Godzilla has destroyed Tokyo countless times in film and other media. But now, Shine Co., Ltd. has turned this fearsome kaijuu into one cute humidifier.

And this cute little Godzilla doesn’t just humidify your room, but also does its own atomic breath. It uses LED lights within its mouth to simulate the mighty monster’s iconic attack as it releases its vapors. It can also stomp around and give out the King of Monster’s majestic and signature roar.

And it looks like the product did very well. This is because it recently won top prize in the Product Licensee category during the Japan Character Awards 2018.

If you’re interested in getting one, the Godzilla Store is selling it for 6,980 yen. You can also get it via Amazon as well.

Source: Grapee