Final Fantasy VII has some of the most iconic background music in gaming. Let’s just say that the game didn’t just revolutionise JRPGs, but also introduced themes which we remember back from our childhoods. For one thing, its battle music is pretty iconic.

But did you wonder what that battle background music might sound like when you play it with a traditional Japanese instrument? Particularly, what will it sound like when you play it with a shamisen, a Japanese string instrument? Well, shamisen player, @shamio6, showed us that it sounds pretty good when played with one.

As expected, his playing has impressed a lot of Final Fantasy fans. Fans have sang praises for his skills with the instrument, and some have even admitted they got goosebumps. Though with the Final Fantasy VII remake coming up., Shamio6 better update the battle music’s shamisen version when it’s released.

source: Sora News 24