Unlike other big Japanese celebrities, legendary Japanese singer, Utada Hikaru, has kept her private life a secret. But now, it seems that the Final Fantasy and Rebuild of Evangelion theme song singer’s marriage has come to an end. This is because Epic Records Japan, the artiste’s record label, has confirmed that she has now divorced her husband.

She met her now-ex husband in London. He’s an Italian, and worked as a bartender in a hotel. Hikki largely had a quiet married life with him, even giving birth to her first son with him in July 2015. And it seems that she’s keeping the reason for their divorce a secret as Epic Records didn’t reveal why they separated. This would be her second divorce.

The legendary singer switched record labels last year, and is working on a new song. This time, she’s working on the image song for the upcoming Boys Over Flowers Season 2 live-action drama.

source: Nikkan Sports