Creators Super Fest 2018 (CSF) is coming at you on the 12th and 13th of May 2018! Expect another jam-packed event as the best creators from Indonesia, Japan, and the rest of the region converge at the Grand Ballroom of the Pullman Central Park in Jakarta! CSF 2018 is also playing host to an exciting line up of guests — including a famous Japanese virtual YouTuber making her international event debut, the one and only Kaguya Luna!

At only 143 years old, Kaguya Luna is a sprightly young lady who hails from Take (Bamboo) in Japan. Having made her debut last year on 19th September 2017, she is well on her way to becoming a worldwide Youtube sensation, with many of her fans translating her videos into English, Chinese, Korean, Bahasa, Malay, Thai, Spanish, and Russian. And now, Kaguya Luna is making her first international event appearance at CSF 2018!

Before her big day in May, Luna-chan had to be restrained sat down to answer a few questions from us in her own indomitable style! This is also Kaguya Luna’s first international interview, so we hope her overseas fans enjoy this rare opportunity to get to know her better!

Please introduce yourself!

Ohayoooooo!! I am Kaguya Luna!!!

How did you start out as a Virtual YouTuber?

I wanted to make friends!

What is the hardest thing and most interesting thing about being a Virtual Youtuber?

There’s nothing hard about it!!!
The interesting thing is, I can talk a lot and make so many friends LOL

What kind of evolution do you think Virtual YouTubers will have in the near future? And what kind of content do you think they’ll produce?

I think they’ll be able to play and have fun with humans in the future

There are lots of comments and multi language sub-titles from overseas viewers in most of your videos. What do you think about that?

I’m so happy~~!!!! Teach me English~~!

Do you have any plan to expand your activities overseas?

I want to do it—! Luna should learn English first to do that~~!

Do you have any advice for people who would like to become a virtual YouTuber?

Just do it and have fun~~~

And that’s it from the lovely Kayuga Luna. If you can’t get enough of her crazy humour and wild antics, make sure you come by and say hi during her special appearance at Creators Super Fest 2018! CSF 2018 will be held on 12th and 13th May at the Grand Ballroom of the Pullman Central Park in Jakarta. Check out the official CSF website for more information. See you all there!

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• Creators Super Fest Jakarta 2018
12-13 May 2018
Grand Ballroom, Pullman Central Park, Jakarta