ORANGE ROUGE, Good Smile Company’s otome figure brand, has recently teamed up with Sanrio. And with this collaboration, they are releasing several adorable Yuri!! on Ice x Sanrio figures which fans shouldn’t miss. They will release six figure sets in total, and each set features a YOI character alongside a Sanrio mascor character.

Good Smile Company is releasing a total of six figure sets, and each one costs 980 yen plus tax. Each set will also come in blind boxes, which means that if the boxes are sealed, the figure you’ll get is a mystery. The figures feature Yuri with Pochacco and Victor with Pompompurin, as well as Yuuri with Hello Kitty.

But if you want them all, the Good Smile Online shop is offering the whole lot of 6,000 yen. Those who pre-order all will also receive a bonus Makkachin figure along with the six sets.

Pre-order deadline is on 23rd May, and GSC will release the items sometime in October 2018.