YuruYuri’s official website has now updated, and it revealed a new 10th anniversary project, as well as a new anime. This new YuruYuri anime will be an OVA, and they even revealed a brand new announcement PV:

Mangaka Namori is really fond of puns, so the 10th anniversary project’s title is a pun as well. Its title is “Yuruyuri,” but it’s pronunciation is “Yuruyuri ten”. This is because the comma in the title means “ten” in Japanese. However, the website didn’t really reveal much about the OVA, or even the anniversary project itself. It looks like we would have to wait a bit more for them to announce further details.

Namori launched the manga back in 2008, inside the pages of yuri manga magazine, Comic Yuri Hime. It now has 16 tankoubon volumes in print, as well as three successful TV anime adaptations, and two OVAs. These OVAs had theatrical releases back in Japan.

source: YuruYuri official