Social media gives us a platform to express ourselves in more ways than one. However, many people get in trouble because of their social media posts. Just ask Ensemble Stars! actor, Natsume Yuudai, who’s currently in hot water after a few offensive tweets surfaced from his previous account. And now, it seems that those tweets really costed him a lot, and that includes his contract with OMNIA. This is because the talent agency has announced that they’ve cancelled their contract with him because of those tweets.

The announcement said that OMNIA did their own investigation and confirmed that the actor did post those tweets. The agency also stated that although they found no “damaging actions per se,” they took Natsume’s social influence into account for their decision. They previously released a formal apology regarding the actor’s tweets.

Most of the controversial tweets date back to 2013, where he made such distasteful statements as wanting to perform lewd acts in a popular Tokyo theme park, asking a pretty girl for her used sanitary napkins, and saying that handsome men like himself could change girlfriends everyday if he wanted to. He also made racist statements against Korean and Chinese nationals, and said that physically unattractive people did not deserve human rights

Several fans of Ensemble Stars! have been very vocal on social media about changing the actor playing Mitsuru Tenma in the stage play.