In July of last year, Japanese singer, Ami Wajima, put her career on hold because of her health. Now, she’s finally back abd she even returned with her first concert last 7th May. She held her return live at the Shibuya Star lounge in Tokyo, and this is her first live performance since going on hiatus. It’s also her first solo live since making her debut.

While on stage, the teen singer thanked everyone in attendance, and said it was an honor to do her first live. Although she did admit that she hasn’t really sang in front of a lot of people in almost a year. She said that she was worried because of this, but confirmed to herself that singing in front of the audience is the easiest way to convey her feelings. It’s safe to say that the singer is pretty happy to be back!

The 19-year old singer has been suffering from poor health over the past year. Of course, this prompted her to announce her hiatus and take a break to recover her health.

Wajima won the grand prix at the “HoriPro x Pony Canyon Next Generation AniSong Singer Audition” last year. Hailing from Hokkaido, the young singer made her debut at age 17 when she performed the OP song for the horror anime, The Lost Village. She also performed the ED songs for Kuromukuro and Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters. She also already released her debut album in Japan last February 2017.

Source: Yahoo! News