Seiyuu Hisako Kanemoto is planning to study abroad, but to do that, she has to go on hiatus. This means that she has to leave some of her ongoing work in anime, as well as video games. However, it seems that her work in BanG Dream won’t be affected that much. This is because Bushiroad and Craft Egg announced that they have no plans in replacing her in the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! smartphone game.

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In the BanG Dream franchise, she voices After Glow band member, Tsugumi Hazawa. However, not everything is good for the seiyuu during this hiatus. One of the games that she’s working on as a seiyuu has already announced her replacement. FuRyu’s Pastel Memories smartphone game has revealed that Yumiri Hanamori is replacing the Kanemoto as the voice of Nao Mejiro in the TV anime adaptation.  While they still haven’t revealed the anime’s release date, it’s safe to assume it may air before she returns in March.

When she announced that she was taking a break from voice acting, Kanemoto revealed that she will return March 2019. Her roles include Tsugumi Hazawa from BanG Dream! Girls Band Party, Archer Inferno from Fate/Grand Order, Djeeta from Granblue Fantasy: The Animation, and Erina Nakiri from Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma. It is interesting to note that Kanemoto herself was a replacement for the role of Erina, when the original seiyuu Risa Taneda also went on hiatus to recover from illness.