When we say that Love Live fans, or Love Livers as they like to call themselves, are loyal, we say that as an understatement. The franchise has one of the most loyal fanbases in the world, and some are even fanatical. One trend among these fans is wearing a mountain of Love Live! merchandise to show their love for one character. Called Buso Livers, these fans are often an impressive sight to see during anime events in Japan.

The term Buso Liver usually means “Armored Love Liver,” and with that much merch, they really look armored themselves. As expected, costumes like these weird out others, and sometimes, just the sheer amount could cause inconvenience. This seems to be the case form one Nozomi Buso Liver, @gai_nozomi.

This fan claims to be the number one Buso Liver for Nozomi Tojo from the original Love Live anime. To Buso Livers, if you display more and your costume is heavier, it means you’re the most devoted. And during a thanksgiving event, he decided to up the ante and also prove his claim. He came into the event wearing so much that few would question his #1 Nozomi Buso Liver claim. However, this also caused the event staff to kick him out.
Apparently, his getup broke one very important rule. According to the event, “You may not wear clothing or bring in large baggage that will cause problems for other guests“. The staff may have deemed his “armor” as a nuisance or dangerous to other event goers, so they kicked him out. The costume itself is enormous and cumbersome, and may inconvenience others, or can even be dangerous.

There are no official bans for these sorts of Buso Liver armors yet, but fans should take notice. It’s fine to show your dedication to a waifu, but make sure it won’t inconvenience others.

source: Sora News 24