For fans who have been waiting for news regarding the release date of Final Fantasy VII Remake, we bring good news, and bad news. First, the good news, a launch window has been announced for the game. The bad news is that the launch window is a very ambiguous one.

© Square Enix

Back in January, there was a behind-closed-doors conversation between Yoshinori Kitase and development head Naoki Hamaguchi, along with Square Enix character designer Tetsuya Nomura. A recording of the conversation was then leaked, and subsequently translated by Lifestream forum member, hian.

Topics discussed at said conversation included changes they were making in the Remake, and that the game’s development was progressing smoothly. They even mentioned that the team was working on “something we’ve never seen before”.

While all these bits of information seem rather pedestrian, things got interesting after Nomura left. Hamaguchi began apologizing for the long wait for more details for the much anticipated Remake. Kitase and Hamaguchi then revealed that they were looking to release the game before Final Fantasy’s 35th Anniversary which would fall in 2023.

It seems that Hamaguchi wants Final Fantasy VII Remake to arrive sooner than 2023, so it is unlikely to see yet another 10-year development hell like Final Fantasy X did.

However, with the development of FFVII Remake moving in-house, it is likely that the game will be released long before 2023.

Will the game be worth the wait? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting on the release of another hotly anticipated Square Enix release, Kingdom Hearts 3.