Like most countries where you can buy a Coca-Cola, Japan has also done its own twists on the popular soft drink brand . Now, Coca-Cola Japan has released a brand new Coke bottle which is distinctly Japanese. That’s right, several Japanese Coke bottles are now featuring anime girls!

The new bottle design features Megumi, Chiwa, and Mao from the ufotable-produced anime, “Oherno”. The bottles feature the trio as they embark on the traditional pilgrimage of 88 Buddhist temples on Japan’s island of Shikoku. Of course, real-life Buddhists in Japan also go on this kind of pilgrimage.

The bottle’s Pilgrimage theme also gets more inspiration from the real thing as it features Megumi sporting a pilgrim’s customary walking stick and conical hat. It also features Onaruto Bridge, which connects Shikoku with Japan’s main island of Honshu.

However, it seems that Coke drinkers can only purchase this anime-themed bottle in the island of Shikoku itself. Each 250mL bottle costs 125 yen in stores and 150 yen in vending machines. Fans of Oherno can also purchase them in other locations such as JR Tokushima Station and Tokushima Awaodori Airport.

source: Japan Times