Back in 2008, JRock band, ELLEGARDEN, shocked fans as they went on an indefinite hiatus. Now, Takeshi Hosomi, Shin’ichi Ubukata, Yuichi Takada, and Hirotaka Takahashi are back together a decade later. This is because they’re going back on tour 10 years after announcing their hiatus.

Their new concert tour is titled titled “THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN TOUR 2018”, which is fitting because of how long they’ve been gone. Their first stop is Tokyo on 8th August, before going to Sendai on 10th August. They will then head to their home prefecture of Chiba on the 15th of August. The return tour will also have guest artistes, but they didn’t reveal who they are as of writing.

This Oricon chart-topping band also performed anisongs as well. They performed the ED songs for the I’ll/CKBC basketball OVAs. The band’s return sent huge shockwaves to fans, as it trended on Japanese twitter at #1.

source: Jpop Asia