Hugely popular voice actor (although “hugely popular” is clearly an understatement) Junichi Suwabe revealed on his Twitter that he is inVolvo-ed in a series of ads for luxury car maker Volvo. Not only does he provide narration for the TV spot, he also did all the voice work on the radio ads. And by “all”, he meant ALL — narration, in-character blurbs, the whole shebang!

Wow — you learn new things about Japanese historical figures everyday! Who knew that Ryouma Sakamota had a smart phone and was a fan of wireless connectivity? Or that Nobunaga Oda appreciated the design and power of the Volvo XC40? Or that Admiral Perry didn’t really want to open a shipping port, not even a hermit kingdom, just the door to his new luxury SUV?

These Volvo ads are wacky, memorable, and really show off Suwabe-san’s range! We hope they really run with this and make more very soon!