The upcoming theatrical feature “K SEVEN STORIES” will be out 7th July 2018, and a new promotional video has been released to hype up the fans before the movie hits Japanese cinemas. The opening theme of the movie will be done by angela, entitled “SURVIVE!”

© GoRA・GoHands/k-7project

K is a 2012 anime series animated by the studio GoHands. It follows the stroy of Yashiro Isana a seemingly ordinary Japanese teenager, who in reality is the German scientist Adolf K. Weismann occupying another body. Due to this, he has been pursued by a number of different groups.

angela is a much beloved Japanese pop duo, best known for their collaborations with anime series Fafner in the Azure, Knights of Sidonia, Aho-girl, and K. angela is composed of vocalist atsuko and composer/keyboardist KATSU. Celebrating their fifteenth year on the Japanese pop music scene, anisong duo angela will be releasing a new Best of album (title currently undecided) in fall of 2018.