Japan may be the most earthquake-prone regions on Earth, with minor quakes happening on a daily basis. And to help the populace be alert in these emergencies, the RC Solution Co. has launched an emergency earthquake alert app. Called Yure Kuru Call, the app alerts users to earthquakes, as well as other natural disasters such as storms.

The main app itself is free, and it not only sends text alerts warning of natural disasters, but also voice messages. And while the free version has a standard machine voice, Yure Kuru Call also has a premium version, which features famous seiyuu. For 120 yen, the voice message alerts will feature the voices of Kazuhiko Inoue and Mika Kanai.

Of course, users can choose which seiyuu’s voice they want to hear in their message alerts. These alerts would usually warns users of the earthquake’s severity, as well as when it’ll happen. The seiyuu-voiced warnings will also remind users to keep themselves safe as the earthquake is happening.

Fans might know Kazuhiko Inoue for his role as Kakashi Hatake in Naruto, as well as Nyanko-sensei in Natsume Yuujinchou. Meanwhile, Kanai has voiced Higurashi’s Satoko Houjou, as well as PreCure’s Pekorin.

source: Nijimen