Little Glee Monster will be performing on MTV Japan’s “MTV Unplugged” in Tokyo on 21st June 2018. MTV Japan’s “MTV Unplugged” has hosted such notable acts as Hikaru Utada, Kinki Kids, BoA, and many more. Little Glee Monster will be the youngest artiste ever hosted on the show.

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MTV will also be featuring the group on “MTV Select 10: Little Glee Monster”, where the members of Little Glee Monster will introduce their fans to their favourite artistes and videos. The show will air on 15th June 2018 (23:00 ~ 24:00) and 20th June 2018 (19:00 ~ 20:00, repeat broadcast).

Little Glee Monster is an all-female Japanese vocal group formed in 2013. They made their major debut in 2014 as a group of six, and were later reduced to five in 2015. They are best known for their collaborations with My Hero Academia, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, and Pokemon XY.