Looks like the live-action Nisekoi film will be getting a pretty stellar supporting cast. This is because the staff have now revealed more cast members for the upcoming film adaptation of Naoshi Komi’s manga. This includes BREAKERZ band vocalist DAIGO, as well as a former AKB48 idol. According to the new announcement, these new cast members are:

Former AKB48 idol Haruka Shimazaki as Marika Tachibana

Aono Kaede as Seshirou Tsugumi

King & Prince music group member Yuuta Kishi as Shuu Maiko

Hana Kawamura as Ruri Miyamoto

Marika Matusmoto as Kyoko Hihara-sensei

BREAKERZ band vocalist DAIGO as Claude

Kento Nakajima, who fans might remember in his role as Yuugo Hachiken in the live-action Silver Spoon, plays Raku Ichijou. Meanwhile, Ayami Nakajou, who appeared in the live-action Anonymous film, will play Chitoge Kirisaki. As for Kosaki Onodera, 15-year old rookie actress, Natsumi Ikema, will be making her film debut with the role.

Meanwhile, Ore Monogatari director, Hayato Kawai, will be at the helm of this project while FINE Entertainment is producing the film. Finally, TOHO will be distributing the live-action Nisekoi film in Japan, and it premieres on 21 December 2018.

Nisekoi would be the latest manga from Weekly Shonen Jump magazine to get a live-action film adaptation. Bleach is getting one, while Rurouni Kenshin, Death Note, and Gintama have had successful live-action films.

Source: Comic Natalie