The GraffArt Shop with A3MARKET inside Ikebukuro’s P’PARCO shopping mall will be joining in on the Magic Knight Rayearth celebrations. And this time, they’re gearing up with new merchandise featuring Hikaru, Fuu, and Umi, as well as other characters from the CLAMP classic series. They will start selling these items on 26th May, as it will also be a part of the series’ 25th or Silver Anniversary.

The store will be selling a variety of items, which include wallets, phone cases, keychains, and many more. Each item will feature cutesy doodle versions of the Magic Knight Rayearth characters.

Meanwhile, those who purchase collaboration goods worth at least 2,000 yen will get a special prize. It will be a special GraffArt collaboration Magic Knight Rayearth postcard.

Based on CLAMP’s bestselling manga, the series follows Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu. The three heroines find themselves in the alternate world of Cephiro in order to become the Legendary Magic Knights. Together, they must save Princess Emeraude before Cephiro itself collapses.

source: Nijimen