These days, the Japanese police take death threats to celebrities very seriously. While many of these threats are just random postings on the internet, there are several which have led to tragedy. Recently, Nogizaka46 idol Mai Shiraishi has been receiving death threats via twitter. And now, police have arrested the suspect they alleged has posted those threats online.

The suspect, 25-year old Daiki Katsumata, allegedly sent multiple Shiraishi death threats. He allegedly started sending them back in December until earlier this month. In those tweets, he allegedy threatened to “catch and strangle” the idol. Thankfully, Nogizaka46’s agency were able to inform the police of his actions, which of course, led to his arrest. However, Katsumata denied all allegations.

Shiraishi is currently one of the idol group’s most popular members, recently dabbling in acting. She previously starred in the live-action Asahinagu film, and will also appear in the all-Nogizaka46 musical adaptation of Sailor Moon. She will be playing as Queen Serenity.

source: Mainichi Shimbun