During anime events, there are certain unwritten rules and etiquette that visitors and guests must always follow. These include not jumping the line and not stalking the guest celebrities. However, during the Machi Asobi event in the city of Tokushima, one fan seems to have broken the latter.

According to event organiser and ufotable president, Hikaru Kondo (, a man committed a “nuisance act” inside a Tokushima restaurant. Reports indicate that a man tried to follow an unnamed female seiyuu into that restaurant’s restroom. Well, I guess they found him out by being the only man in the female restroom.

Kondo then released a comment on twitter regarding the incident where he apologised on behalf of the organisers. He said that together with the prefectural government of Tokushima, they’re managing Machi Asobi based on the relationship of trust with fans. He said that they want to keep nurturing that relationship and asked everyone not to do what that man did. Aside from Kondo, the official Machi Asobi website also apologised and talked about the incident.

As expected, fans criticised the guy who followed the seiyuu around. Some commenters in Kondo’s status called the guy disgusting and a nuisance, while some called him insane and creepy.

And yes, I know I’m stating the obvious here, but STALKING IS NOT COOL. And no, that seiyuu ain’t gonna love you back just because you followed her into a restaurant toilet. Stalking often leads to destructive behaviour as well, as some stalkers have been known to hurt not only the ones they’re stalking, but family and friends as well. An example of seiyuu stalkers going too far was back in 2013 when a man attacked Rie Tanaka during an event. Police arrested the suspect, who they found to be carrying a knife.

source: Nijimenimage via Gigazine