Like in most societies, Japanese prisoners also have a tough time getting jobs once they’re out of prison. Abroad, several celebrities like chef Gordon Ramsay are helping out prisoners as they teach them their trade. And  back in Japan, one mangaka is doing his part by teaching prisoners how to create manga. He is Ryou Sonoba, and he even made a manga about what he did titled Keimusho de Manga o Oshiete Imasu.

The mangaka went to the Mine Rehabilitation Program Center in Yamaguchi prefecture to teach several inmates how to draw. And he even used some of the drawings the inmates drew in one of his works. In fact, people can find the inmates’ works as background drawings in Asami Mitsuhiko Mystery Special #23: Yogore Chimatta Michi. Others can also purchase their works at the Mangaka Honpo website.

The Mine Rehabilitation Program Center has a manga background drawing program to help inmates with social reintegration. It also aims to “cultivate perseverance and concentration” to these inmates when they get out.

Sonoba launched his new non-fiction manga about his experience in Comic Flapper magazine’s June 2018 issue.

source: Comic Natalie