We’ve been saying it time and time (and time) again, that cosplay is not consent. However, incidences where perverts cop a feel to a scantily-clad cosplayer, or even go as far as outright sexually-harassing them are common in events. The said can also be true in Japan, where perverts not only take upskirt shots of cosplayers without their consent, but also try and grab them in some private parts. Yes folks, even if they’re wearing a bikini costume, or something even more revealing, they wouldn’t like it if you just grabbed their chests without them consenting to it.

However, a couple of muscular cosplayers have had enough. Twitter user and cosplayer @ALL_SSR, together with his friend,  @futa_free, are taking action. In a tweet, they told others that molesting is wrong, and if they want to grab a cosplayer’s chest, grab theirs instead.

“Seriously, no matter how exposed a female cosplayer is, she, like many others, is not ‘that kind of girl’. Groping and molesting women is wrong.
If you really want to touch somebody’s boobs, come see us! We’ll let you cop a little feel. Just a little.
During the event only ♥”

The two posted images of themselves as Umaru from Himouto Umaru-chan. The tweets gained such a huge impression that it actually went viral. As of writing, the tweet has garnered 36,196 Retweets, as well as 78,736 Likes.

Well, they do look pretty to be honest. Though you’d be getting some hard muscles if you try to cop a feel for them.

It seems that @ALL_SSR is a notable trap cosplayer in Japan. Not only does he do some muscle cosplays of female characters like Umaru, but actually dresses up as female characters. He and his friend also team up often, and they love putting on make up to look pretty… with muscular bodies.

source: Sora News 24