Band anime fans rejoice because BanG Dream is getting a new season! And they’re not just getting one new season, but two! That’s right, Bang Dream is getting a second season, as well as a third season. The anime’s twitter page made the announcement, and they revealed it alongside a new visual.

The tweet revealed that BanG Dream 2nd Season will premiere in January 2018, which means it will be part of the winter 2019 anime season. Meanwhile, for the third season, it will premiere in October 2019, which is part of the autumn 2019 season.

Aside from the two new TV anime seasons, BanG Dream will also have its own spin-off anime. The new series will be focusing on the band,  the band Pastel*Palettes. But unlike the new seasons for the main series, the staff still haven’t revealed the release window for this spin-off. Its title will be Pastel Life, and its story will follow the daily lives of the band’s members.

Expect Bushiroad to announce more details about these three new anime soon.