Natsume Yudai’s management company OMNIA has released a statement apologizing for the actor’s behaviour on Twitter. The actor has been previously reported as having caught the ire of Japanese and international fans of the stage play version of the mobile game “Ensemble Stars!”, where he plays the role of Mitsuru Tenma.


この度、弊社 所属の夏目雄大に関する一部報道について、日頃より応援していただいて いるファンの皆様はじめ、関係者の皆様、また、不快に思われた方々に対して、多大なご迷 惑とご心配をおかけしましたこと、深くお詫び申し上げます。

また、内容につきましては、現在調査中ですので、処分などを含め、対応につきましては、 あらためて発表させていただきます。



An Apology

We deeply apologize to all our fans, who have been supporting us since the beginning, about reports surrounding one of our talents Natsume Yudai. We are very sorry for the trouble and worry we have caused.

We will implement thorough guidance and education to all our talents to prevent recurrence in the future.
The matter is currently being investigated, so we will make an official response very soon.

Nothing follows.

Omnia Corporation

Natsume Yudai, who has a new account at, has since remained silent on Twitter. Meanwhile, several fans of Ensemble Stars! have been very vocal on social media about changing the actor playing Mitsuru Tenma in the stage play.