The DigiDestined are now heading to the final battle, as the sixth and final Digimon Adventure tri film finally premieres. But it seems like the adventure will be continuing, and will be Digivolving. This is because the anime’s staff have announced on twitter that there will be a new Digimon project.

The announcement visual features Agumon, and it says “The adventure evolves again━A new project starts!”. However, the staff didn’t reveal any further details about this new project. This means that the project may or may not be a new anime, or it may or may not be connected with the original Digidestined from the Digimon Adventure series.

Titled Digimon Adventure tri.- Chapter 6: Our Future, the film premiered in Japan last 5 May 2018. Aside from the Japanese theatrical release, it also has an international via various legal anime streaming sites as well.

As previously revealed, the sixth film will feature an all-star cast of singers for its ED theme song, “Butter-Fly ~tri.Version~”. It will also feature a recording of the voice of the late Koji Wada as well.