Attack on Titan 3rd Season will finally make its long-awaited premiere in July. But before that, the anime’s official website has updated to reveal a new PV. They also revealed a new key visual featuring the Survey Corps members as well.

While Season 3 has been teasing more on exploring the mysteries of the walls, the titans, and the royal family, it will also tease more of Levi’s past. This is because Kenny, who the new PV introduces, seems to be a key character to what happened before Levi joined the Survey corps.

Attack on Titan Season 3 will premiere this 22 July 2018, which is a bit different from the previous seasons. The previous seasons both had spring season airings, starting in April, while this one premieres in summer. NHK will air the anime in Japan, while Funimation has confirmed that it will also have an international release.