Via WugTen on Twitter: A new “Wake Up, Girls!” browser game entitled “Wake Up, Girls! Shinsei no Tenshi” will be released in the middle of 2018 by Rakuten Games! The game will act as a companion series to the “Wake Up, Girls! Shin Sho” anime, and will feature new content and side stories left out of the TV series.

© Green Leaves / Wake Up, Girls! 3 Production Committee

Similar to other idol music games such as “Love Live! After School Festival” and “The [email protected]”, the players will act as producers and train the idol characters, by playing through their concerts featuring music by the Wake Up, Girls! seiyuu group.

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The original Wake Up, Girls! series followed the story of Green Leaves Entertainment, a tiny production company on the verge of bankruptcy in Sendai. The president of Green Leaves then hatches a hare-brained, last-minute plan to create an idol group from local girls, scouted and trained by his cynical and doubtful talent manager.