Via WugTen on Twitter: A new “Wake Up, Girls!” browser game entitled “Wake Up, Girls! Shinsei no Tenshi” will be released in the middle of 2018 by Rakuten Games! The game will act as a companion series to the “Wake Up, Girls! Shin Sho” anime, and will feature new content and side stories left out of the TV series.

© Green Leaves / Wake Up, Girls! 3 Production Committee

Similar to other idol music games such as “Love Live! After School Festival” and “The [email protected]”, the players will act as producers and train the idol characters, by playing through their concerts featuring music by the Wake Up, Girls! seiyuu group.

The original Wake Up, Girls! series followed the story of Green Leaves Entertainment, a tiny production company on the verge of bankruptcy in Sendai. The president of Green Leaves then hatches a hare-brained, last-minute plan to create an idol group from local girls, scouted and trained by his cynical and doubtful talent manager.