In 1996, Satoshi Tajiri and Gamefreak changed the video game landscape as they introduced Pokemon Red and Green. Now, over two decades later, a manga explores the life of the man behind Pokemon’s creation. Shogakukan, which also publishes the Pokemon manga, has now this autobiographical work. Its title is Shogakukan-han Gakushuu Manga Special Pokemon o Tsukutta Otoko Tajiri Satoshi ” or Shogakukan Edition Learning Manga Special, Satoshi Tajiri: The Man Who Made Pokemon.

This autobiographical manga will contain 160 pages, and will cost about 900 yen. It will take a look at Tajiri’s youth, from collecting insects to falling in love with the classic Space Invaders game in the 70’s. The manga also takes a look at the game creators he has worked with and the people around him.

Of course, it will also cover Pokemon’s history, as well as commentary from Nintendo Representative Director Shigeru Miyamoto. Shogakukan has now released the book to stores in Japan.

source: Mantan Web