Precure is one of the most successful magical girl franchises out there, alongside Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, and many more. However, during an event, Precure head writer Atsushi Maekawa revealed that the franchise would have ended back in 2009. He revealed during the”Precure Thanksgiving Screening Event vol. 2″ event that if the Fresh Precure anime failed, they would have ended the franchise.

Maekawa said that the franchise’s future depended on the 2009-2010 magical girl anime. The writer revealed that it was “a new experimental work” at that time. He also added that the anime itself was a case of “trial and error,” which is scary to think as an entire franchise’s future rested upon its shoulders. However, it did succeed, and we now have a ton of PreCure anime today. But then again, Maekawa also said that without overcoming Fresh  PreCure’s high hurdle, that wouldn’t happen.

The PreCure head writer then credited the fans for its success. He said that the Pretty Cure franchise would have ended earlier if they didn’t watch the series.

The first PreCure anime, Futari wa Pretty Cure, launched back in 2004 and spawned plenty of other PreCure anime. Currently, the latest PreCure anime, Hugtto PreCure, is airing in Japan.

Source: Mantan Web