Themed weddings are the big thing nowadays — from Final Fantasy to Harry Potter and from Mickey Mouse to Monster Hunter, every fandom is fair game! One of the most popular themes is — you guessed it, Pokemon! — so this lovely Mew-patterned engagement and wedding ring set from U-TREASURE is perfect for that special Trainer in your life!

This U-TREASURE Mew engagement and wedding ring set is an update of a similar set released last year. This time the Mew set is finished in rose gold and platinum or rose gold and white gold (as compared to the previous set done in yellow gold), and has a slender design compared to the more traditional cut of the previous edition.

The U-TREASURE Mew series is available from 25th May 2018. If you want these in time for your ceremony, better act fast as the set will take at least four weeks for orders to be fulfilled. Good luck with the wedding, and don’t forget to invite us to the reception — we love cake!