Fans might know seiyuu Hitomi Takeuchi for her role as Oarai Academy’s Azusa Sawa in Girls und Panzer. And in her blog, the seiyuu revealed that she is now married, and is also expecting a child. But before she made the huge announcement, she started her announcement off with an apology to her concerned fans.

The Girls und Panzer Seiyuu also revealed that her new husband is not from the industry. However, she also added that he understands her work and also supports her with “all his power”. Takeuchi then revealed her pregnancy in a very peculiar way. She broke the news by saying that  her “baby is currently hungry”. She then admitted that because of her pregnancy, her health has not been stable, though she added that it’s growing steadily. Finally, Takeuchi apologised to fans once again, this time for taking too long to announce her pregnancy.

Aside from voicing Azusa Sawa in all Girls und Panzer anime, she also lends her voice to several video games. These include the Uchi no Hime-sama ga Ichiban Kawaii, BLAZING ODYSSEY, and Kanpa ni Girls mobile games.

Congratulations to you and your husband, Hitomi Takeuchi! And don’t get inside a tank yet because you’re still pregnant!