Lately, more and more seiyuu are getting into the world of virtual reality experiences. From getting to attend Hiro Shimono’s rehearsal to Daisuke Namikawa’s seiyuu VR training, fans can get up close and personal with their favorite seiyuu. And now, it seems like Tasuku Hatanaka is also cooking up something for the world of Virtual Reality.

On 23rd May, the VR Party App will be adding a new VR experience featuring the Ushio & Tora seiyuu. In that experience, he will be cooking something for the user, and this includes chopping onions. And once he finishes cooking, he will be eating the meal himself, all while also talking about and praising how good he is. Too bad you can’t smell or taste what he’s cooking.

They will be adding the experience to the VR Party App, which alreeady includes the Hiro Shimono experience. The developers will actually be releasing the VR experience in three parts. The first part will come with a starter kit to construct VR goggles as well as a VR content download key code. They will be releasing this kit on 25th April for 2,979 yen.

As for the second and third parts of the VR experience, they will cost about 2,300 yen each. Unfortunately, neither of them will come with their own goggles. They will release part two on 23rd May, and then part three on 20th June. All three parts will feature Shimono as he recites a story titled “Neko (Boku) wa Ningen (Kimi) ni Kokonatsu no Koi o Suru“. Shimono will be playing a cat who falls in love with a human, which of course is the user.

source: Nijimen