The staff of P.A. Works’ anime about making anime, Shirobako, recently held the “Musashi-Sakai x Shirobako Harumatsuri” event in Tokyo. And during that event, they revealed that the anime is getting itself a new anime film project. They also released a teaser visual during the event as well.

However, the staff didn’t announce the new film project’s title during the event. They also didn’t reveal when they’re planning to release the movie. But they did reveal that director Tsutomu Mizushima is returning at the helm of the project. Meanwhile, they also confirmed that P.A. Works will be handling the animation, much like the TV anime.

As for the film’s story, the event announcement revealed that it will be a brand new story. They also said that “it will continue” the story of the TV anime. But they still haven’t revealed much , so better expect the staff to reveal more details in the days ahead.

source: Shirobako official