Seiyuu Sora Amamiya has a very busy season right now. Not only is she reprising her role as Elizabeth in The Seven Deadly Sins, she’s also voicing Tohka in Tokyo Ghoul:re. However, despite her busyness, it seems that she would have to take a break soon. According to the official TrySail website, she may have to put her projects on hold because of a throat injury.

According to the announcement, doctors have found that she has inflamed vocal chords (chorditis vocalis). But luckily, this isn’t something big, and all she needs is to rest in order to treat them.

The seiyuu recently cancelled her appearance during the “SECONDSHOT FES GirlsMembers 2018” event last weekend. However, she did try to participate with her fellow TrySail members in a concert the following day. But several attendees have noted that while she was indeed dancing, she wasn’t doing any singing. Luckily though, it looks like her solo performance at the Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall is pushing through this 15th July. All she has to do is rest.

Aside from her Seven Deadly Sins and Tokyo Ghoul roles, fans might also know her from her other roles. Particularly, she voices Aqua in KonoSuba, as well as Miia from Monster Musume. We wish her the best and a speedy recovery!