Starbucks is a bit different in Japan than the rest of the world. Sure, they often have exclusive menu items, but also have unique Japanese stores. Now, they’re offering unique tumblers and mugs representing five Japanese prefectures. This is all part of their Japan Geography series, which highlight the allures of each of these five prefectures. The series includes Nara, which shows off its various temples, and of course, its friendly Nara deer.

Meanwhile, Tochigi Prefecture shows off its  “see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil” monkeys, as well as its strawberries. Oh, and it proudly shows off the prefecture’s famous Gyouza as well.

Gifu Prefecture may be known for Makoto Shinkai’s your name, but Starbucks shows off its famous Cormorant fishing. And there’s also good food and great barbecue spots there too!

As for Nagasaki Prefecture, Starbucks Geography Series shows off its great 19th century western architecture. They also show off the prefecture’s Chinese influences as well.

Finally, there’s Oita Prefecture. For their Geography Series mugs and tumblers, Starbucks shows off what many associate the prefecture with… Onsen! And yes, there are some bathing Japanese macaques in there as well.

The tumblers and mugs cost 1,800 yen each, while the stainless steel bottles are a bit pricier at 4,200 yen. Starbucks Japan will release them starting 14th May, except for Nagasaki, which they’ll release in July. The coffee chain will be offering them regularly in their featured prefectures, but in limited quantity outside of them.

Source: Sora News 24