Japanese music icon and actor Hideko Saijo recently passed away due to heart failure last 16th May. The singer has been very close to the hearts of many Japanese anime fans, especially Gundam and Chibi Maruko-chan fans. And now, he will finally say goodbye as he will be doing an appearance in the Chibi Maruko-chan anime.

The episode will feature Saijo, and will air in Japan on 27th May, which of course is one day before his funeral service. It will not be a new episode, but rather, a fitting tribute to a friend of the franchise. He appeared in the anime several times, mostly as himself. He also performed “Hashire Shoujiki Mono,” the second ED song for the first series.

Chibi Maruko-chan mangaka, Momoko Sakura, is a huge fan of Saijo herself. She even posted a tribute message dedicated to him on her LINE blog. She loved the singer so much that she even made Maruko’s older sister, Sakiko, a huge Saijo fan. However, the singer passed away just one day before Sakiko’s seiyuu, Yuko Mizutani’s second death anniversary.

Rest in peace Hideki Saijo and Yuko Mizutani.

Source: Nijimen