After a 2-year gap, Kiyohiko Azuma’s Yotsuba&! manga finally returned last 28th April with a new Volume 14 Tankoubon release. And to celebrate the release, which features Yotsuba’s first Tokyo experience, Tokyo Station did something quite special.

The ticket area of JR Tokyo Station around the Shinkansen transfer gates recently displayed several manuscripts from Azuma-sensei himself. Of course, these featured innocent little Yotsuba’s first time experiencing Tokyo.

Several columns in the station featured large posters featuring Yotsuba and Danboard. Each of these posters then featured one of Azuma’s original manuscripts from the Volume 14 release. However, they also displayed several manuscripts from previous volumes as well.

They first launched the exhibits back in 30 April 2018, and they stayed there until last Sunday, 6th May. As for Volume 14, this is the series’ first tankoubon release since November 2015. This is the first manga volume for the series in 29 months.

source: Comic Natalie