Plus one reason nobody mentions but everyone thinks about!

Cosplay enthusiasts in Singapore are invited to the 2018 World Cosplay Summit Singapore Preliminaries! The competition will be held at [email protected] in Jurong East on the 27th of May 2018. Registration is now open for cosplayers who wish to represent Singapore! But why sign up? Here are three great reasons to do so!

Win a trip to Japan!

The winner of the 2018 World Cosplay Summit Singapore Preliminaries will be sent on a free trip* to Nagoya in Japan, to represent Singapore in the Grand Finals of the 2018 World Cosplay Summit! For some cosplay fans, this is a dream trip to the mecca of pop culture — including anime, manga, games, figures, seiyuu, sentai, tokusatsu, 2.5D musicals, and the list goes on!

* Airline tickets, hotel accommodations, some meals, and some ground transportation will be covered by the contest organizers.

Compete against the best in the world!

As the Singapore representative to the WCS, you will compete with some of the most talented cosplayers from all over the globe. Whether it’s the host country of Japan, multiple-title holders such as Italy and Brazil, or other teams hungry for their first win such as India and Hong Kong, the Singapore representatives can stand proud as equals with the best in the world!

Cooperate with fellow cosplayers on an international scale!

Cosplay is as much about competing with yourself as it is about competing against others. Take measure of your own sewing and crafting skills when compared to the best in the world, and you can learn a thing or two about yourself. The WCS is also the perfect time to make friends and learn things from other cosplayers, and who knows they may also pick up a new tip or two from your own cosplay experience!

Plus one last thing: chaching!

Yes, it’s all too altruistic, but let’s not forget about one of the best things about winning the WCS Singapore Preliminaries: the cash prize! This year’s event represents the biggest pot in WCS SG history, with a total of SG$ 1,800 in cash prizes! The third placer will receive SG $300, the second placer will receive SG $500, and the overall winner will receive SG $1,000 — which is a nice chunk of change to blow during that free trip to Japan!

So if fame, fortune, and a free trip to Japan are the sort of thing you’re into, grab a partner and sign up for the WCS Singapore Preliminaries! For more information, you can also check out the Official WCS Singapore 2018 website. Good luck!

• Event Information
World Cosplay Summit Singapore Preliminaries

[email protected]
27 May 2018 (Sun)
17:00 Doors open / 18:00 Event start
Official WCS Singapore 2018 Site