Summer in Japan is almost synonymous to music festivals. The clear skies and the warm weather make it perfect for a quick jaunt to the countryside to soak in some sun, scenery, and sounds!


Japanese music festivals are massive affairs that feature a numerous stages, multiple music genres, and a mix of local and foreign artistes. If that seems like your idea of a good time, here are the top five summer music festivals you can catch in Japan!

Fuji Rock Festival

Fuji Rock Festival is the granddaddy of all Japanese music festivals. The first event was held in 1997, in the shadow of the revered Mount Fuji, hence the name Fuji Rock Festival. However the festival soon moved to Naeba Ski resort in Niigata Prefecture, which provided a better space and room to grow for the show.

© Fuji Rock Festival

The next edition is slated for the 27th to the 29th of July 2018, with confirmed acts Bob Dylan, Kendrick Lamar, N.E.R.D, Skrillex, Vampire Weekend, Sakanaction, Maximum the Hormone, and many others.

Summer Sonic

Summer Sonic is truly unique among Japanese music festivals as it is held simultaneously in two locations on the same weekend: Osaka and Chiba. One set of acts play in each location on the first day, and swap cities on the second day.


Summer Sonic 2018 is scheduled for 18th and 19th August 2018, and feature BECK, Chance the Rapper, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, ONE OK ROCK, Mike Shinoda, Nine Inch Nails, Paramore, Bullet for My Valentine, SAMBOMASTER, and many others.

Rock In Japan Festival

Rock in Japan Festival is organized yearly by Japanese music magazine Rockin’On Japan. It is the largest Japanese music festival in terms of attendance, and the festival’s line-up is also composed almost entirely of local acts.

© Rock In Japan Festival

The 2018 edition will be held on two consecutive weekends in August: on the 4th and 5th, and on the 11th and 12th, at the Hitachi Seaside Park in Ibaraki Prefecture. Headliners for this year include UVERWORLD, m-flo, Aimer, The Oral Cigarettes, ORANGE RANGE, Kyary Pamyu Pampyu, and HYDE.


a-nation is organized by the Avex Group, which is Japan’s largest independent record label, and features mainly acts signed to the label’s various sub-units. In recent years, the festival has seen an increase in South Korean pop acts, which is evidence of the Korean Wave currently crashing through Japan and the rest of the world.

© a-nation

a-nation will be held in four cities this year: Mie (28th July 2018), Nagasaki (4th August 2018), Osaka (18th & 19th August 2018), and Tokyo (25th & 26th August 2018). Headlining the festival will be Kumi Koda, SKE 48, urata naoya, and SUPER JUNIR-D&E.

Inazuma Rock Fes

Inazuma Rock Fes will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year! The event is organized by the Shiga Prefectural Government, with the assistance of festival headliner and local boy Takanori Nishikawa, better known by his stage name T.M.Revolution!

© Inazuma Rock Fest

This year’s event will once again be held at Karasumaru Peninsula from the 22nd to the 24th of September 2018. Confirmed acts include ROTTENGRAFFTY, Wagakki Band, The Oral Cigarretes, and — prepare yourself for this — Takanori Nishikawa, abingdon boys school, and T.M.Revolution!!!


For fans of Japanese artistes, these massive music festivals are something you need to experience at least one in your lifetime. But don’t rush off to book your flight just yet! If you think that Japan is the only place you can experience a truly rocking summer gig with all your favourite Japanese artistes, think again!

Natsu Rock

Coming to the endless summer shores of Singapore, it’s the first Japanese music festival-style event ever! Natsu Rock is coming at you from Zepp@BIGBOX on Friday 22nd June 2018! Natsu Rock features a rocking line-up of Japanese acts such as Do as Infinity, BAND-MAID, and Shiena Nishizawa!

Who are the Natsu Rock artistes?

Do As Infinity is a Japanese pop and rock band formed in 1999 with three members: vocalist Tomiko Van, guitarist Ryo Owatari, and guitarist and composer Dai Nagao.


After a three-year hiatus, on 29 September 2008, Do As Infinity reformed without Nagao. In September 2017, Do As Infinity performed their first concert in Singapore to the delight of their local and regional fans!

© Rumiko Takahashi / Shogakukan / Yomiuri TV / Sunrise

BAND-MAID is a Japanese all-girls rock band with five members who dress as maids. Unlike their cute and gothic concept of maids’ uniform, their play is very authentic and classic. They attract fans not only by their appealing visuals but also their promising sound.


They have made their USA debut in March 2016 in Seattle, with over 3,000 attendees, and they want you guys to make sure their Singapore debut is even more intense!

© Katsuki Tanaka / Chuukyo TV

Shiena Nishizawa she won the grand prize at the a popular Japanese singing competition in 2014, and on 15th March 201 released her first full-length album entitled “Break Your Fate”.

© Flying Dog

Shiena has recently completed an Asian circuit — performing in Jakarta, Manila, Singapore, and most recently in Hong Kong. She returns to Singapore to rock out at the very first Natsu Rock!

© Naru Narumi / Takeshobo / Fuji TV

DJ Kazu is best known for being the resident DJ for NHK MUSIC JAPAN New Generation Anison Special. He also spins for ANIMAX MUSIX, @JAM and many other animation festival and events.

© Sony Music Associated Records

He has played in many animation festivals in Europe and Asia, and now he brings his outstanding mixing technique and cutting-edge track selections to Natsu Rock!

© J-Anison Kamikyoku Matsuri

Isn’t this line-up simply mind-blowing?! So make your way to Natsu Rock at Zepp@BIGBOX on 22nd June 2018! Enjoy hot beach volleyball action, and three solid hours of sizzling Japanese music! Tickets are going fast, so make sure you get them now via APACTix!

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Japan Music Festival Natsu Rock

22 June 2018
Zepp@BIGBOX, Jurong East, Singapore
Official Site at JMF
Tickets via APACTix