The Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories have gained a reputation for actually being scary. And now, anime fans better get ready for new chills and frights, as the anime is getting a sixth season. They even released a spooky new key visual featuring the Storyteller.

This time, the new series promises to tell stories of “familiar natural phenomena”. ILCA will once again animate the new series, with Kunpei Yanagawa directing it. Kanji Tsuda will be returning as The Storyteller, with several new cast members joining him. The staff have confirmed that Ryota Murai, Yui Ishikawa, Fuka Haruna, Mei Fukuda, Naoki Yamazaki, Takehisa Takayama, Satoko Kishino, Marina Tanoue, Masaki Sawai, Maiko Amano, Ayako Yamaguchi, Aoi Imagawa, Tomitake, and Maika Sasaki will be voicing characters for this dark and scary new season.

Inspired by Showa-era illustrated paper theater productions, the series features different 6-minute shorts. And each of these episodes are based on various Japanese urban legends, as well as horrific folk tales.

Source: Comic Natalie