Via NIJIMEN: FUJI-Q Highland is a theme park in Japan’s Yamanashi Prefecture, and is home to some truly excellent anime collaboration rides such as Evangelion, Black Butler, and Gegege no Kitaro. Make sure you plan a visit soon, as the park has just announced that they will offer free admission starting in mid-July 2018!


In a bid to increase tourism to Yamanashi prefecture, the management of FUJI-Q Highland will be doing away with the JPY 1,500 ticket that thrill-seekers and anime fans used to buy to enter the park. They hope that this draws tourists not just to the park, but to the nearby attractions such as Mt. Fuji and its five surrounding lakes, the wonderful local cuisine of Yamanashi, and much more!

While the park may be free, some attractions may start charging admission instead. As of now, no formal announcements have been made about the possible new pricing structure for individual rides, however the free admission should more than make up for it! So make sure include it to your Japan travel plans later in the year!