Embattled “Ensemble Stars!” actor Natsume Yudai has finally issued a formal apology, after being embroiled in a Twitter scandal in early May. The 2.5D actor was called out by fans of the AnSuta franchise on the the social networking site, for posting distasteful comments such as “Ugly people don’t deserve human rights,” and “I understand why people don’t like Koreans and Chinese”. The comments were made on his previous Twitter account in 2013, and while the account has since been deleted, screenshots were taken of the comments in question.

The actor has since been dropped by his management company OMNIA in late May, however the actor has only made a formal apology yesterday — once again, via Twitter. The apology was accompanied by a word from his attorney, who emphasized that his client would like to continue with his entertainment carreer, and is humbly requesting for everyone’s continued support. The most interesting bit about his lawyer’s statement, is that they are also asking people to cease sending the actor death threats. Check out the full statement below:

The statements that have been made public, were undeniably made by myself, when I was still a student. But since I entered show business, I have been doing my best in performing in various shows. I have betrayed the expectations of many fans and staff members. And no matter how much I regret my actions, they are simply unforgivable. For that, I sincerely apologize. Everyone’s criticisms will be accepted without question. I will do my best to regain your trust. Once again, I apologize to everyone I have hurt with my actions. I am very sorry.

Natsume Yudai

After investigating the facts, Natsume was 16 years old at the time, and was making bad jokes with his friends, when he posted the said statements. By posting inappropriately and making the fans uncomfortable, he has been reflecting on his actions deeply. After disciplinary actions against Natsume’s showbiz activities were announced, we hope that you will support Natsume’s future growth. In addition, since some death threats were sent to Natsume, we also request everyone to please refrain from sending such harmful statements.

Natsume Yudai
Representative Attorney Gousuke Ushidori

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