Recently, a lot of old anime have been getting new seasons years after the previous season aired. This includes Full Metal Panic, which has its fourth season currently airing, as well as A Certain Magical Index. The former had its fourth season over a decade after its previous season aired, while the latter will be having its third season over seven years after A Certain Magical Index II aired.

Now, since we’re getting a lot of long-awaited anime continuations these days, we took a look at five anime which need new seasons. Of course, we chose old anime, which are at least five years old with still no continuation. This means that its latest season should have aired 2013 or earlier. Sorry Re:Zero fans, we’re not including that one yet. Our picks for the “5 old anime which really need a new season” are:


Let’s get this one out of the way first, as the demand for a new season has already sparked memes. In fact, the clamor for K-On Season 3 is still going on today. And with mangaka Kakifly returning to the franchise for a new K-On manga, the demand for Season 3 just got stronger.

The anime only featured the story until Yui, Ritsu, Mio, and Mugi’s graduation. However, the manga’s story extended beyond that, as the four go into college with a new light music club, while Azusa starts her own band. While the graduation arc certainly made fans cry, it didn’t really satisfy them and made them want more.

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Like many in our list, this one ended with fans still wondering what will happen next. Now, we won’t spoil anything, but this American cartoon-inspired-Japanese animation ended with a hint on a second season. However, almost eight years after it first aired, people are still asking if Gainax or even Trigger is planning a continuation.


When the second season, Haganai NEXT, ended back in 2013, people pretty much wanted main character Kodaka to die. However, the anime ended with a lot of conflicts still unresolved, particularly, Kodaka’s fear of relationships.

The light novel has also ended, with the author has moved on with his new series, A Sister’s All You Need. However, fans still want to know what happens next, and if Kodaka gets over his cowardice.

The Devil is a Part-timer

What if the Demon Lord travels to our world to escape the hero who almost killed him? What if that Demon Lord suddenly finds himself needing of money, so he starts working for a burger chain? Well, that’s what this anime is all about, and it’s quite hilarious.

The anime is also part of that legendary Spring 2013 Anime Season, which also includes Oregairu and Attack on Titan. And to be able to hold its own against those two anime juggernauts in the same season is saying a lot. Some fans even dubbed it as one of the season’s “Big 3”. However, unlike the other two, this is the only anime which never even received a continuation. And yes, just like the clamor for a new K-On, Index, and Full Metal Panic, the demand for a second season for this anime is also quite strong as well. OK, so it didn’t really spark memes like the others, but it’s also very strong.

The Haruhi Suzumiya series

The Haruhi Suzumiya series is certainly one of the most popular anime franchises of the 2000’s. The series propelled Kyoto Animation to further fame, and also launched the career of seiyuu Aya Hirano. However, after eight endless episodes of trolling, many fans were somehow turned off. But then again, the anime’s feature film got the fandom back.

It’s now been eight years since the film premiered in Japan, and it left a lot of people hanging. The original light novels have now wrapped up, but as A Certain Magical Index has shown, an anime after the light novels’ story ended is still possible.

True, we did get a Nagato-chan spin-off anime, but that doesn’t feature the original timeline where Haruhi is well… GOD. It also sparked a demand from fans to return to the original series, and they’re still waiting for a continuation.

And there you have it folks, our list of old anime which need continuations. Did we miss a few series? What old anime do you think needs a new season?