Looks like 2018 really is the year for long-awaited comebacks. After over a decade, Full Metal Panic finally returned this year, and mangaka kakifly is also making a new K-On manga. And now, this October, A Certain Magical Index Season 3 is also returning as well! The anime’s staff even unveiled a brand new key visual featuring the anime’s five main characters.

And speaking of the five main characters, their respective seiyuu will also be reprising their roles from previous anime. Atsushi Abe will be returning as Touma Kamijou, while Yuka Iguchi also comes back as Index Librorum Prohibitorum. Meanshile, Rina Satou returns as Mikoto Misaka, while Nobuhiko Okamoto also reprises his role as Accelerator. Finally, Satoshi Hino will be reprising his role as Shiage Hamazura. He appeared in Season II’s final episode, and is one of the light novels’ most important characters.

Hiroyuki Yoshino, who directed the Index film, is returning to direct the series over at JC Staff. Meanwhile, Yuichi Tanaka is also returning to the anime as its character designer. The third season will continue where Season II left off, with Academy City’s brewing conflict with the Catholic Church escalating. It will also feature more on the dark side of Academy City with its focus on Accelerator and Hamazura’s characters.

source: Comic Natalie