Magical Girl Ore is not your typical magical girl anime. Instead of a cute furry little animal acting as the mascot, you get a scarly-looking Yakuza dude. And of course, you transform into a big, muscular guy instead of a cute magical girl.

Recently, American voice actor  asked American actors, the Sudarso brothers, if they can cosplay characters from the anime.

To this, Peter Sudarso himself replied they the tweet must have more than 1,000 retweets. And with the help of Crunchyroll, it looks like they reached the goal! And together with his brother Yoshi, the two cosplayed the anime’s Saki and Sakuyo. Crunchyroll even helped the two in their cosplay!

Both Yoshi and Peter Sudarso appeared in various Power Rangers shows. Yoshi appeared in HyperForce and Dino Charge, while Peter appeared in Ninja Steel, as well as HyperForce.

source: Magical Girl Ore official