When anime fans grow up and have kids of their own, many of them intend to pass on their love for anime to their children. But while some would incorporate cosplay, or just simply let them watch anime, one mom has a unique approach. She plans to “traumatise” her baby daughter with anime… plushies. But these aren’t ordinary anime plushies because they’re plush dolls of evil anime characters like Kyubey. Any person who has watched Madoka Magica knows that Kyubey may be cute, but he’s also evil… very evil.

The mom, twitter user @mjun610, gave her daughter, Ritsu, a Kyubey plushie. She wants her daughter to grow up love Kyubey, who will be with her every day. And when she finally grows old enough to watch Madoka Magica, she’ll get traumatised to discover how evil he really is.

“One day, when you’re bigger, you’ll watch Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and you’ll burst into tears, screaming ‘Kyubey! You were a bad guy all along! Nooo! You and I were always together! Noooo!’

Mommy is looking forward to watching that happen ❤”

She also seems to want her daughter be form a contract with Kyubey for some reason. I guess she wants Ritsu to become a magical girl.

“Whether you were laughing or crying, he was always by your side…all so that you’d make a contract with him and become a magical girl.”

But traumatising her daughter with Kyubey’s eventual betrayal ain’t the only anime-related mother-daughter bonding she has planned. When she’s old enough, the mother also plans to take Ritsu to Comiket as well. But yeah, making a total monster like Kyubey sleep beside her daughter is certainly mean…

source: Sora News 24