Miss Bleach already? Well, fans of the series rejoice, because Tite Kubo is releasing a special art collection titled “Bleach Illustration Collection: JET”. And it would feature a lot of Bleach artwork, because the art book will have two volumes, with each one featuring 500 pages. And hey, they even released a special PV for the art book’s release!

The art book will also feature over 700 pages of colored art work from Bleach’s 15-year manga run. And in addition to that, it will also include new illustrations, production materials, and many more. And like many Japanese art books, this one comes with a hard cover.

Shueisha is now accepting pre-orders for this new Bleach art collection, but only until 20th August. They will then ship these art books out starting 4 December 2018.

source: Nijimen