Sometimes, when investing on something, it’s always wise to check regulatory laws first. That’s what Tokyo-based transportation company, Gojyo Taxi, learned after making their plans for Comiket 91. They were actually planning to release a colorful magical girl-themed taxi for the event to promote their brand. They even ordered a special London taxi cab for the planned itasha taxi, and spent over 6 Million yen on the paint job. The company even created a game app to help promote some original characters that the taxi is featuring. Problem is, even after all that spending, the taxi failed Tokyo safety regulations… because of that very paint job.


It turns out that Tokyo’s local laws regulate the number of ads which public transportation units like taxis can have. Taxis can have ads at the side of their doors. However, owner Mutsuo Nakazawa  placed ads all over the taxi. In fact, he wrapped the taxi around one gigantic ad, thus breaking local Tokyo laws.

He plans on transporting people to Comiket 91 using the taxi, but the laws gave him a major setback. But while this itasha taxi cannot operate within Tokyo, it can operate in other places though…

source: Asahi Shimbun